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Michael and Kathy L.,

Dear Dennis:

Thank You so much for the beautiful new home you and your team built for us in the Winding River development. The building process went very smoothly and the end result exceeded all of our expectations. The quality and workmanship truly shows and the service after the sale is appreciated.

Since we were having this new home built while still living in New York we were a little apprehensive about not being on site for the building process. The numerous pictures and construction updates Brian sent via e-mail helped calm our fears. We had visited many other home builders in the area and dealt with a lot of high pressure salespeople who only cared about making a commission; before sitting down with you and having a relaxed discussion about our dream home. We quickly realized, that unlike the others, you were more concerned about building a quality home at a fair price that would be functional and meet our needs, rather than just making a sale, even in these tough economic times. Building a home with one of the large volume builders may have a small price advantage but the level of service, quality and the relationship we developed from building our home with you and your family was well worth it.

Please feel free to provide my cell number to any potential customer who would like a reference or to discuss our experience with our new home, we would be happy to share our satisfaction.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and moving to sunny Florida full-time in our new home.

Michael and Kathy L.,
Winding River